Make google do amazing things

Google Barrel! Just go to and type “Do a barrel roll”, see what happens.

Its pretty amazing thing google did, wonder why they even did this. And it makes me wonder more what else google can do and is hidden from all us.

Other amazing things google does-

  • tilt 
  • askew 
  • ascii art ( the logo changes) 

Search for –  ” answer to life, the universe, and everything ” , you will get an amazing answer.

Search for “recursion” and you get->
“did you mean “recursion””… and click on the new link . I think you get it now.

Seach for “Where is Chuck Norris” and click on the first result. Its hillarious. And for who actually don’t know Chuck Norris is Rajnikant of hollywood.

Also try these and hit the first result or “I am feeling lucky” button on search

  • “Google Goth”
  • “Google Gravity”
  • “Google Klingon”
  • “Google Pirate”
  • “Who’s the Cutest?”
  • “Ewmew fudd”
  • “Google Piglatin”

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