10 awesome hidden features of Facebook

Facebook hacks or mods to reveal hidden features. We share 10 awesome hidden facebook features that usually are there right on our social networking page but we ignore them.

Facebook that we’d share with you.

1. See people’s limited profile without adding as a friend

Suppose you wanna add someone in your Facebook friends but you can’t view his/her profile. What you gotta do is send a message like  hello to the one who’s profile you want to see. When that person replies you can easily view his/her Facebook profile without having him/her to add you as a friend.

2. Recover hidden Facebook friends

Often it occurs that that you remove your noisy Facebook friends, only to realize later that you need him/her badly. Well, don’t you need to worry, if you know where to look for. In case you’ve no ideas just follow as I say
To get the list of your hidden page go to the Home page then scroll your browser all the way to the bottom. Look for link Edit Options and Click it.  A pop-up window would show all your hidden friends.
Click on Add to News Feed to restore your friend to your Home page. What you can’t get back is the removed entries on your Wall posted by your friend.

3.  Reverting to older profile pictures

Whenever you upload a new picture in your Facebook profile the old one disappears. What if you want your old picture on your profile. Well, Facebook had keeps a running tab of all your old shots in the form of a special hidden album. To revert back to your old picture just choose the Make Profile Picture option on the list of links in the bottom right hand corner. Further you can get rid of the pictures that seem horribly outdated.

4. Adding or removing  links under your picture

When you are installing one or more Facebook application, often you skip the prompt that asks you whether to put the little blue link below your profile picture. At the end you have a tower of blue links under your name and on everyone’s profile you visit. Feel like cutting down the clutter. Click on the little x button that shows up when you mouse over the box. This can be done for all the links except for the Edit My Pofile link.
Now if you want the links back just visit the Edit page under Application and find the applications that have profile links disabled. Hit the Edit button and you have to find the option that will turn the links back on.

5. Pull a Twitter

Long before tweets were born, Facebook had the status message that described what you are up to that everybody could view. This information shows up on your profile and on various news and mini-feeds.
Now how many of you know that there’s a page that lists the last 70+ status updates of all your friends? You can easily sign up to get mobile alerts and update your own status from mobile phone using the web portal or by sending text messages to a special Facebook number. There’s also a simple RSS feed you can grab to add to your favorite feed reader.

6. Minimize Applications

Often the links under your profile picture can get a little cluttered . In case you have a few applications cluttering your profile and better you don’t see the applications. You can just minimize the application logo by clicking them into a down-facing triangle. Your friends might be able to see the application box on your profile. It would show up in your profile as minimized. If you run across one that’s appealing you most and that several of your friends have installed, you might not see it unless you want it.

7. People You May Not Want to Know

This might be one of the most craving features on Facebook if you only know. Already Facebook offers the feature People You May Know.   This feature might display the exact opposite results by showing which friend you wanna interact with the least on Facebook. Most importantly it would also tell you why you shouldn’t know them.

8. Facebook’s only official game

Well, there’s an iPod music quiz game that involves playing a track and choosing a handful of selections before time runs out. There’s a similar game in Facebook Friends menu that requires you to guess whose profile to which a snippet of text belongs. It might be anything from a quote to a favorite book or movie. Gradually the incorrect friends would fade away with friends leaving a smaller pool from which to guess. Given all this, just don’t blame Facebook for not providing a scorecard. It one of the only official games offered by Facebook.

9. I think i’m busy That Day

Well, one of the most interesting features in Facebook is the ability to create and invite people to different events. Most of you must be clicking the No for any event even without knowing what it is. To sought out this forever you need to click on the new and improved fourth button that would show you as not attending the event and auto-decline future event invitation from the person who invited you.

10. Hide your profile on Facebook

What if you don’t want others to visit your profile and yet have you on Facebook. Here are the step that would allow you to hide your Facebook profile.

Step 1:
Sign on to the Facebook home page
Step 2: Click on My Privacy to change who can see your profile. The My Privacy page allows you to adjust each feature of your Facebook account separately. If you just wanna hide certain features, such as mini-feed or photos, then adjust only those preferences.
Step 3: Click on Edit Settings for the limited profile. You will land on a page with a preview of your current limited profile.
Step 4: Choose all or none of the Facebook features you want people to see on your limited profile. To completely hide your profile, make sure all boxes are unchecked before hitting the Save button.
Step 5: From the My Privacy page add people to the limited profile list. People you put on the list can only view the features you let them see. They will still be your friends, however.

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