Use telnet to send email for anyone’s email to anyone

Send anonymous email from anyone to anyone. You hear it right from any email ID to any email ID. You can send any email to your friend from their email ID. Or you might even send someone an email from Steve Jobs’s email. Here is the simple hack that let’s you do just that using the most common feature available in all computers. Just follow the simple procedure. And so comment for any help.

1 Open the cmd prompt. (Start -> Run or press win key + R, then type cmd and presss OK )

2 Type telnet 25 (where “” is the name of the smtp (outgoing) server of your email provider, such as This can be found by checking your account info in the program you normally use for email.

3 Type HELO (Or “EHLO”)

4Type MAIL FROM:[email protected].

5You may get a message saying “250 ok”

7 again, You may get a message saying “250 ok”

8 To write the message, type DATA and press Enter.
  1. On the first line type SUBJECT:yoursubject and press Enter twice.
  2. Continue typing your message.
  3. Put a single period (.) on a line by itself and press Enter to send your message. The server should say ‘Message accepted for delivery’. (Or it says 250 OK id=`a long id`)
9Type QUIT to exit Telnet.

This will not work if your ISP uses dynamic IP to give you internet access. If you could try using some botnet server that is quite easy. If you would request would post a tutorial for that as well.

Well use the hack at your own risk as you can easily be traced back, as each email also sends your IP. You might use some IP re-routing software like anonymizer. But still use it cautiously. And this post was only for educational purpose.

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