Geeks put flash on iPhone

Despite Steve Jobs’s ethical reservations, it’s clear that people want Flash on their iPads (or at the very least, developers want to find ways put it there). Recently we saw Smokescreen, a browser plug-in that pulls apart SWF binaries and reassembles them into something Apple-friendly.

Taking a slightly different tack, the kids at the Artefact Group have been working on a service called Flash In A Pinch. Right now, it’s but a proof-of-concept, but it’s a pretty sweet concept at that: Flash is rendered on Artefact’s servers, which streams the images to the user’s Safari browser. By placing a Javascript layer on top of the content, the user’s touch interactions can be sent back to the server, making the whole megillah fully interactive. At present, the whole affair is a little too slow to use, and as of yet there is no sound, but all in all it’s a great start. Video after the break. Hit the source link for more technical details (and yet more videos).

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