How to hack a website

Many of you have asked me on how to hack a website, so when i got an email from a reader i decided to post the message to my blog to be read by others as well.

So here is the reply,

To, the reader,

So you need to hack a website, see hacking a site is really very hard and very easy at the same
You may hack a site in just few minutes or sometime some days and sometimes never.

To hack some site first know about it.
Do a whois of it on google, know what server they use, what hosting platform and the language the site is built in.
Then learn about SQL injections, they are the easiest way to hack a site. But mastering over that is really tricky. So i suggest u first learn languages such as C, HTML these are the basic that u must know, then go ahead and learn “pyhton”, java, SQL.

See hacking is not easy and requires a lot of hard work. Hackers are guys who have a strong commitment to not giving up. I Know that for sure, and you must have the mind to try new stuff. Like go and browser the site, look for the sitemap. See what sort of structure they use. How they edit their site, do they have a login account and many more….

Even though you may not be able to hack the site even on thousands tries but surely you will gain a lot of knowledge how stuff work around on the web.

For any further queries do reply, i love helping people.


Shashank Agarwal

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  1. pls tell an easy way to hack an orkut account . i am really in need of it .
    pls help me

  2. Anonymous

    Can you help me hack my yahoo account pls…

  3. Anonymous

    can you help me hack my yahoo account I really need it for my application to go to college pls..

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