Hack Orkut locked albums

Orkut is an online social networking service from Google to make life more active and stimulating. With big brand name of Google, it does not mean that Orkut is not hackable or crackable. Orkut offers a privacy feature which can restrict or prevent friends, other Orkut users or public from viewing and seeing your photo album. Hackers have managed to partially fix and bypass the lock.

Note: This trick no longer worked.

The view Orkut locked album hack works by using a JavaScript trick. To do so, follow this guide:

  1. Navigate and browse to the user profile that blocks or disable non-friends to view or see his or her album.
  2. Right click on Orkut Hack below, and select “Copy Shortcut” or “Copy Link Location” to copy the JavaScript into clipboard, and paste the JavaScript to the address bar of the web browser:

    ALBUM%20HACKSCRIPT%20BY%20Ethical%20Hacking%20Community";for(i=1;i<=100;i++){document.body.innerHTML+='‘;};void(0)”>Orkut Hack

    Or, copy and paste from code below and paste into address bar:

    javascript:alert("Wait for few seconds for pic`s to load......");nb= document.all[0].innerHTML.match(/[0-9]*.jpg)/g);nb=parseInt(nb);document.body.innerHTML=”

    SCRIPT BY Ethical Hacking Community


  3. Press Enter key or click on Go button. Click on OK when prompt with message “Wait for few seconds for pics to load……”.
  4. Wait for 4-5 seconds and the pictures and photos in the Orkut album will be displayed. If the hack is successful, i.e. script successfully executed, there is a title of “ALBUM HACKSCRIPT BY Ethical Hacking Community”.

Note that the success rate of this Orkut JavaScript hack is unreliable at best, and may not work on all locked profile album. And even if it’s successful, it may not show all pictures contained inside the album, and sometime even shown only one photo. Furthermore, only thumbnail image of the photo can be seen, no view full size image button to expand the photos.

The Orkut hack above probably will only work on Mozilla Firefox web browser. If you’re using Internet Explorer, and the trick doesn’t work, try to switch browser.

If you getting tired to copy and paste the JavaScript every time, and are using Firefox browser with Greasemonkey add-on, there is a user script that can unlock Orkut locked albums permanently – or more accurately automatically every time a private album is clicked.

To unlock and break into private Orkut albums automatically and permanently, run Mozilla Firefox web browser, then download and install the following:

  1. Greasemonkey
  2. Unlock Locked Albums Permanently on Orkut script.

Now just browse to any private locked Orkut albums.

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