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Hello Freinds, I am back with some more cool tricks this time that can save you from various security threats.

Now i am gonna just tell you, how easy it is to find the IP address of the person who has sent a mail in Yahoo.

(The information is meant only for security use and any misuse can be liable to punishment)

* Login to your account and Open the mail.

* On the right-top corner, click Options ==> Select “Standard Headers”.

* There you are with all the ip addresses of the person who sent you the mail.

Check the ip address aside to the from:

But the mail sometimes may not come directly from his/her pc. Inorder to deviate the user the mail is passed through many gateways and then finally sent. And to trace out the IP address in such a case find the last “From :” and check the IP there.

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  1. By:- HurtedHeart
    Private stuffs are very easy in context of Home…but Globally it's very hard….
    After getting someone's IP u can use NMAP to get more info abt the victim..and then use metasploit to get access…using metasploit is very easy if everything went right..

  2. @sunny yes all antivirus create problem for metasploit. So just deactivate ur antivirus for some time, or if you know than add options to ingore the metasploit file in ur antivirus

  3. Hi i m a computer forensics student and in my practical i have to try and hack into server with the ip using metasploit in bactrack the problem is i dnt know how to find ip address as they wont provide server can you please help

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