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Everyone of you who owns a mobile must be aware of bluetooth and might know the possible things that can be done with bluetooth hacking. So here we give you a bunch of bluetooth hacking software that would let you do a lot more than you are supposed to. Just see the list and install these software on your bluetooth enabled mobiles and have fun…

MagicBlueHack v. 1.01. MagicBlueHack v. 1.0Freeware2008 May 26 / 2009 Feb 176.68
(61 votes)
MagicBlueHack is a Mobile Hacking software.By using this Software on your mobile you can access another Bluetooth mobile such as make Call(Free), Send SMS(Free), Read Phone Book and Read SMS Inbox from another Mobile without notifying the owner…
Total downloads: 3,099,055
Downloads last week: 73,850
X2Blue v. 1.32. X2Blue v. 1.3Adware2007 Aug 15 / 2007 Aug 156.28
(38 votes)
X2Blue provides the control of other mobile devices through bluetooth.
Total downloads: 911,158
Downloads last week: 7,828
BS Hacker - Mobile Console v. 1.03. BS Hacker – Mobile Console v. 1.0Demo2005 May 18 / N/A4.75
(4 votes)
Experience the unique feeling of being a hacker on the move, int this hacking simulation game.
Total downloads: 25,756
Downloads last week: 100

BT File Manager v. 1.3.24. BT File Manager v. 1.3.2Freeware2008 Nov 26 / 2009 Mar 78.87
(8 votes)
Application to browsing and copy files from other phones connected via Bluetooth.
Total downloads: 553,545
Downloads last week: 16,415
Tictactoe over Bluetooth v. 1.05. Tictactoe over Bluetooth v. 1.0Freeware2009 Mar 5 / 2009 May 3110.00
(1 votes)
The game that can be played alone or with other people over Bluetooth on any Nokia series 60 3rd edition handsets
GJ SUPPORTEDTotal downloads: 2,970
Downloads last week: 57
My Secrets v. 1.06. My Secrets v. 1.0Demo2009 Jan 4 / N/AN/A
Keep your notes protected with industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption. Organize your data the way you like. Enjoy stylish interface. Features: – clean user interface; – strong anti-hacker options; – “if found return to” information on the start-up
Total downloads: 366
Downloads last week: 3
BT Guard v. 2.27. BT Guard v. 2.2Demo2007 Dec 21 / 2009 Apr 19.00
(1 votes)
BT Guard application is a security application that secures your mobile from unauthorized Bluetooth access. BT Guard changes your Bluetooth status automatically according to your settings, making your phone unvulnerable and saves your battery life.
Total downloads: 73,777
Downloads last week: 157
Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control v. 1.8.08. Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control v. 1.8.0Freeware2009 May 4 / N/A8.13
(8 votes)
Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control is a free of charge program that can be used to control your computer from distance. The main purpose of this software is to turn your mobile phone into a universal PC remote control.
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