Panda releases cloud-computing antivirus for free

Panda the famous software company now releases the cloud-computing based Antivirus. Its still in pre-Dominic stage and need a lot of work but still its the first of its kind and would be great to see a fully developed version of it soon.
It was in hurry to release the software as the public is becoming aware of recent threats and security was in top priorities after the recent “conficker” attack. Panda Cloud Antivirus beta bets that nearly three years of development can pay off into a better protection system for users. To that end, Panda’s willing to make the client free for personal use–even after it leaves beta testing.
Its around 50MB and is quite fast but we hope to see a better competance in that region from other software security offices.

Cloud computing may make sense from a system resources point of view, but what happens to system security when the computer isn’t connected to the Internet? “The model we’ve implemented is to break down the traditional antivirus to client and server, so when the user is not connected they keep a local cache copy of Collective Intelligence, including detections for what Collective Intelligence sees is spreading through the community,” he said.

Panda Cloud Antivirus is for Windows XP and Windows Vista, with planned support for Windows 7 when it’s released. Bustamante added that it will stay in beta as it’s being accepted by users, although they hope it will leave beta by the end of this summer.

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