Activating windows 7

Trick to activate Windows 7.
Still only beta version of Microsoft Windows 7 is available and i figured out that the inner staructures of win 7 is much similar to vista. And also most of the vista tricks work on windoes 7. So here’s a trick to activate windows 7 tht worked fine for me.

->Go to start and type cmd. Right click on it and select Run as Administartor.
-> Now type the following in it
slmgr.vbs -rearm
->Windows will show a confirmation message and after restart the windows machine would be activated.

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  1. Anonymous

    you have to repeat it after every 30 days
    it just renew/activate windows7 for any 30 days..
    is there any permanent solution to it???

  2. You can search for a key on google (if u are lucky enough).

    this is the only one I know as for now.

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