Essential 5 utililties that your computer must have

Its a list of the 5 most essential utilities that must be present in your PC.

nCleaner advanced system and application cleaner
Every computer needs care, and care starts with maintenance and cleanup.
Good stuff on nCleaner: Junk finder, Reg Cleaner, Free Space Shredder, Tweak manager, Startup manager and few more.

Note: because nCleaner is an advanced system app, you shouldn’t use it unless you know what you are doing. As an alternative, use cCleaner.

DriverMax – detects, downloads and installs the latest version of your computer’s drivers.
It also backs up all drivers and lets you restore them.

SmartDefrag – Defragmentation is a very important process in keeping your hard drive’s performance at maximum and bring its files together.
SmartDefrag will diagnose and optimize your machine’s hard drive while running quietly in the background.
As a prevention, this defrag app will pause itself down if the CPU raises over 40% .

Lingoes – the little sister of Babylon is a dictionary and translation freeware.
So what’s so special about this app that makes it a “must have” tool?
With Lingoes you can:

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