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Yahoo! Messenger – Instant messaging allows you to quickly exchange messages with your online friends. Unlike e-mail, instant messages appear as soon they`re sent. By downloading the Yahoo! Messenger application to your computer, you can send instant messages to other people from around the globe, send them files or have a voice conference. Download the latest version.

Other features include voice chat, file transfer, mail and stock quote alerts, sports scores, news, and much more.

NOTE: The Yahoo! Messenger Vista Preview works only on Vista OS.

This download is marked as adware because it displays advertisement banners or other type of commercials while running.

Here are some key features of “Yahoo! Messenger”:

· Photo Sharing
· Drag-and-drop photos into your IM windows and talk about them like you’re there.

· LAUNCHcast Radio
· Make your own radio station and listen to music you like!

· Yahoo! Games
· Challenge your friends to classic Yahoo! Games in the IM window.

· IMVironments
· Use interactive themed backgrounds in your IMs.

· Find, Add, Share Friends
· Easily get connected with the people who matter most.

· Yahoo! Search
· Search from your IM window, and get results both you and your friend can see.

· File Transfer
· Drag-and-drop files for real-time sharing and instant notification that they’ve been received.

· Address Book
· Synchronize all your contact information.

· Stealth Settings
· Make yourself appear online to some and offline to others.

· Audibles
· Let these animated characters say it out loud for you!

· Emoticons
· Express your feelings with these animated smiling faces.

· Yahoo! Avatars
· Represent yourself with a stylized graphical image.

· Display Images
· Select an image to represent yourself to your friends.

· Skins
· Select new visual designs or disable them altogether.

· Voice
· Make free worldwide PC-to-PC calls and enjoy great sound quality and voice mail.

· Take Yahoo! with You
· Stay connected to Yahoo! Messenger on your mobile phone.

· Webcam
· Share live video with friends and family around the world.

· Conference
· Exchange text messages with multiple people in one IM.

Reasons why this program is marked as adware:

· ADWARE INCLUDED – you can, however, UNCHECK that ADWARE at installation!
· � Yahoo Toolbar
· � The Software is trying to change your Home Page and your Default Search Engine
· � Displays advertisement banners

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