Call anyone for free across 30 countries

Freeringer lets you call unlimited to 30 listed countries directly from your web browser. There have previously been such services but they offer you the cheapest calls but never heard of free calls and hence freeringer is just great at that. The calls are made from your PC to a mobile device.

I was totally surprised to see the free long distance call service. And also the fact that it’s the simplest to use. I have never ever seen something so easy to use for calls or even voice chats but its doesnt ask you even for anything to install and the site is neatly made and simplified for easy use, also the registration is quite simple.

But one question arises in my mind how did they earned, the answer they gave was that they earned from the 10 second advertisement that you would hear when you call someone. But whatever it may be we praise freeringer for supporting the concept of free-web.

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