MTv India got a better( much better) site than Channel V’s

I love Mtv and also its biggest competitor [V] in India. Ya sure in case of music channel V can give a bit of competition to Mtv but it stands no where when comes to their sites..
Mtv’s site is way ahead than [V]’s site …
Channel [V]’s site is the worst they could have had see the below screen shots of both of them…

Mtvindia a much better in look, maintenance , update, coding and any expect that you see..
looks like [V] uses some bunch of old guys to update their site who know nothing of web at all..
Also Alexa rank
MTVindia – 24,769
Channel [V] – 350,321
You can see the difference… Channel [V] wake up !!!!!!!

Go to our new site-

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