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Leading futurist have claimed in the next coming years the use of Internet is only going to increase and the best way to access it would be from your mobile phone..
Hence launching a mobile version of your blog would be a great idea..
So seeking to this opportunity i get to know of few amazing services that let us just do that for free..

The best one i cam across . Its completely free and offers lot of good features. It makes a mobile version of your already present blog in my case of Haknit.. It asks you for your feed URL or your site’s URL…and makes a mobile version of it..
Also it offers you a free domain name that like – (username)
Haknit’s mobile version looks like this..

its URL –

It also offers totally free options to create a free site. But alongwith it also features a lot of site promotion techniques as well. Its really gr8 and easy to use. FREE mobile site creation tool, FREE mobile site hosting, FREE domain name, FREE mobile service creation tool AND much more …

mobiSiteGalore is a FREE mobile website builder that allows you to easily build, publish & share a full-fledged mobile website that is guaranteed to work fine on any mobile phone. It lets you create a full mobile site in minutes from your computer or even from your mobile..

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