Microsoft may got a bad name .. But its Customer Care is one of the bestest i had ever seen..

I couldn’t stop myself from praising Microsoft. Yes we barely got to see Microsoft’s appreciated. But its true i would say it to be the best customer care i had ever seen.
i had some issues with my Microsoft Xp, after i installed some software my system was not getting automatic updates from Microsoft Each time even if i went to the site made for Windows Update they won’t show up any updates at all.
So I sent an email to Microsoft requesting them for help.
First i got a mail telling me that my complaint has been registered. And within 2 hours i got a reply from Microsoft (Email) giving me the procedure of how to deal with the issue.
But before i could have read the email i already had re-installed XP’s SP3 and the update issue was solved.
But aside that i have never seen such a quick reply. Being pleased of their services i replied them back and made them aware of the problem and the way i solved it.
And after that i got a call directly from Microsoft on my mobile . The executive personally contacted me and told me on how to resolve similar issues if they arise future.
I was so pleased coz all of this happened within hours. I had never seen such a quick reply from such big companies as i hope the volume of complaints had to be large.
Keep it up Microsoft.

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