Email, launch any application and much more in just a few keystrokes..

Have you ever wished that whatever you wanted to open on your computer just came up in seconds. That you don’t have to crawl deep to do some task that could have been done much more easily. Directly search on google from Desktop. Mail someone as fast as it can.
And all this in a few keystrokes ……
Ya all this is possible and you don’t have to hassle to know how to do that .. Haknit tell u.
Dash Command is the answer ..
Dash is a simple software and takes very little time to get downloaded.

It sits there on your screen.. on the taskbar…
You call it by pressing windows Key + Dash (-)
The small pops up on the screen you just have to type in. And to save your time it shows a simple list of applications that could be simply launched just by pressing Enter.
Also there’s much more you can do with Dash.
You can also add up commands to do specific tasks..

Get it here..( Download).

I have shown a simple list of commands..(Read the User guide that comes with the software for full tutorial)

Search the web using A9.
A9 Entertainment
Search for entertainment using A9.
A9 Images
Search for images using A9.
A9 News
Search for news using A9.
A9 Reference
Search reference materials using A9.
Amazon Searches for products within
Search the web using
Opens Babelfish translation pages.
Type a question and ask The Brain.
Defines a word in the English language using the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.
Searches for auctions in Ebay.
Searches for articles using Encyclopedia Encarta.
Performs a unit computation using Frink. See Frink documentation for more information.
Performs a search for movie, TV series, actor, actress, director, etc. using the Internet Movie Database.
Live Search
Search using MS Live Search.
Search the Microsoft Developer’s Network.
Search using Roget’s Thesaurus.
Searches for weather conditions at your location using The Weather Network.
Searches for an article within Wikipedia.
Search the web using Yahoo
Search for videos within YouTube.
YubNub online command line. Press Enter for details.

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