Contact you favorite celeb Get their email from these sites.

I wanted to contact my favourite star so i landed on a few sites which gave me free access to mail-links of celebs..
Here’s the complete summary of what i found..
But the worst problem these are sites are not clean and not organised so dat makes it a lot difficult to search for data on them. Also these sites are loaded with ads and banners..
But stil you can have the contact info and that what matters..

This was one of the site that made a bit to impress me..
First of all its quite organised but the searching is too bad ..
But still is good as compared to others..

Great site, the easiest one among all. Directly provides link to famous celebrities’ mails and addresses. Easy searching as well.

I gound this celebrity site… that’s neat..
But requires subscription. ..

Ifanmail is a site mae exclusively for celebrity conact info.
God site.. But needs to be updated and made a bit clean. The list system is soo irritating.

It is a yellow page site but has an additonal feature of searching the mail and address of your favourite celebrity.

A bit loaded with banners but nice..
That might give you the contact info of your favourite celeb on a bit of seraching

This site looks much similar to islandnet but gave me address of official celeb site..

So here’s a list i found on

  • Address Bible – Addresses and contact information for worldwide celebrities and VIP’s. Also available to purchase on CD-ROM.
  • Caroline’s Celebrity Addresses – A collection of hundreds of celebrity addresses. Pointers in how to obtain photographs, letters, and autographs.
  • – Access to over 12,500 celebrity addresses. Membership fee required.
  • Celebrity Addresses Australia – Source of addresses to over 1400 of Australia’s most popular celebrities, including actors, artists, athletes, comedians, models, musicians, and politicians.
  • Celebrity Detective – Information on the homes and neighborhoods where some celebrities live.
  • – E-mail and street addresses for various celebrities. Send messages to your favorite stars. Membership required.
  • Contact Any Celebrity – Features a live database of celebrity addresses available for purchase online.
  • – Includes free celebrity addresses, emails, and official web sites.
  • How to Contact Your Favorite Celebrity – Article with tips and resources to help you find the contact information of your favorite celebrity.
  • IndianCeleb: Bollywood: Celebrity Addresses – Addresses of Indian actors and actresses.
  • Mail Hollywood – Source for thousands of celebrity e-mail addresses.
  • The Star Archive – Browse archive or use the search engine to obtain celebrity addresses and contact information. Examples of autographs received and success rate of return responses is discussed.
  • Star Collector – Mailing or email addresses for various celebrities. Also, links to celebrity web

Celebrities and Stars

E-Mail Addresses courtesy of A Huge Collection of Celebrity E-Mail Addresses

JACKIE CHAN – [email protected]

CHRIS from N SYNC* – [email protected]

GEORGE CLOONEY – [email protected]

TOM CRUISE* – [email protected]

ROBERT De NIRO – [email protected] (E-mail Block)

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO* – [email protected]

MICHAEL DOUGLAS – Michael@michaeld

LANCE from N SYNC* – [email protected]

TOM HANKS – [email protected]

MADONNA – [email protected]

MOBY – [email protected]

DEMI MOORE – [email protected]

ROSIE O’DONNELL – [email protected] (E-mail Block)

BRAD PITT – [email protected]

REM – [email protected]

BRUCE WILLIS – [email protected]

OPRAH WINFREY – [email protected]

JAMES WOODS – [email protected]

CLIFF RICHARD – [email protected]

KEANU REEVES – [email protected] (AIM Only)

[email protected] (BackStreet Boys)

[email protected] (Boogie Burt Reynolds) BRITNEY SPEARS – Britney@britneyspe

SHANIA TWAIN, [email protected]

JAMES WOODS, [email protected]

[email protected] ….. (Pamela Anderson Lee; Bay Watch)

[email protected] ….. (Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta; X-Files writers)

[email protected] ….. (Paul Anka; Singer)

[email protected] ….. (Oksana Baiul; figure skater)

[email protected] ….. (Craig Biggio; will give you directions for obtaining his autograph)

[email protected] ….. (Tom Brokaw; News anchor “NBC Nightly News”)

[email protected] ….. (Tom Clancy; Author of “Clear and Present Danger”, ” Patriot Games”)

[email protected] or [email protected] ….. (Roger Ebert; Movie critic” Siskel & Ebert”)

[email protected] ….. (Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller Magicians)

[email protected] ….. (Wayne Knight; actor in Seinfeld (Newman), Jurassic Park (Dennis Nedry))

[email protected] ….. (Rick London; cartoonist)

[email protected] ….. (Amazing Randi; Magician and Lecturer)

[email protected] ….. (Jesse Petrilla)

[email protected] …..(Meg Ryan; Actress)

[email protected] ….. (Buffy St.Marie; Singer and Artist)

[email protected] ….. (Wesley Snipes; actor in ” DemolitionMan”, “White Men Can’t Jump”)

[email protected] ….. (John Stossel; “The Power of Belief”)

[email protected] ….. (Charlize Theron)

[email protected] ….. (Oprah Winfrey; talk show hostess)

[email protected] ….. (Collin Atkins; Model/Actor/Teen Heart-Throb)

[email protected] ….. (Justin Atkins; Model/Actor/Teen Heart-Throb)

[email protected] ….. (Michael Mathews; Model/Actor/Teen Heart-Throb)

Government Positions

[email protected] ….. (Newt Gingrich; Speaker of the House)

[email protected] ….. (Ted Kennedy; Senator)

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