Orkut disables many services…

Orkut recently disabled a few of its services may be its for maintenance or just like that but it create more frustration t its users as they disabled services without any further notices.
My theme was disabled as on 17th October and when i tried to change that the option was too gone. Also its been like three days that you can’t send up Friend Requests.

It says ” Addition of friends has been temporarily disabled.”
But more to create the confusion when i checked with my friends if his theme too was disabled he refused that, and was able to see mine as well. I still have no idea why that was.
That becomes so frustating as there are so many of Social Networking sites people may think of switching over to other if the condition remains same.
Also there are more Hacks to Orkut than any other Social Networking sites. I have been aware of a lot of simple javascript hacks but finally As a result of Orkut’s effort most of these do not work anymore.
But still a lot of hacks prevail.
Few of very simple hacks that i recently knew about-
->You could actually add up anyone without anyone’s consent.
->You can add up huge no. of users to your communities. As a result i was part of 155 communities i never even heard of.
->See anyone’s locked album.
->Mass scrap all ( This still is used to some extent).
->Flood anyone’s scrapbook (This still works but only on self-scrapbook).
->Increase your users rating ( Like Cool, Sexy , Trusty).
->Increase your no. of fans.

And many more..too..
The worst product ever from Google is Orkut.

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