Orkut cool font

U wondered how people write that stylish cool way…..
Here’s a sample…
My name is Shashank…
му ηαмє ιѕ ѕнαѕнαηк
๓א ภค๓є เร รђครђคภк
My nAmE Is sHaShAnK
mý ńámé íś śháśháńk
ᄊリ 刀ムᄊ乇 ノ丂 丂んム丂んム刀ズ
Ans many more……..
so how u do that….
Its really very easy..
there are many ways…

But the simplest one being this..
use this..and make yourself look kewl…
Just go here and type in the top most box whatever u want to..

The text would be converted into some cool stylish fonts..
select anyone u like..
and copy the whole thing…
and paste wherever u want to…

Go to our new site-

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