Internet Browsers- An Overview

An overview on all web browsers.Since the launch of Google’ s chrome all spotlit was turned over it..
and in the meantime we have completely forgotten old browsers.
Here’s a list of the famous browsers that are used popularly…

1. Internet Explorer
The King in the world of internet. Microsoft’s browser it still has the world’s largest share of users. Recently IE-8 was launched, it again came in the spotlight. It’s faster…and has more features than any other browser (except Firefox). But the worst part it’s a property of Microsoft and they use it mostly for their own use such as spreading Windows..But that’s OK..

It’s the second most use browser. And potentially the biggest threat to IE(Microsoft). It has a huge user base. It’s completely open-source and hence loved by Linux people and is almost used with every Linux OS. It has a huge no. of Add-ons and features, A trick to improve its speed available at my blog. The Firefox’s latest version created a record for the highest no. of online downloads by any software.
Download here

3. Safari
It’s the apple browser. Also the official Iphone browser. I have heard a lot of people say it to be the fastest, may be of its simplicity. It too has great features, also it is mainly used by Apple to promote it’s products such as Ipods and Iphone..

4. Chrome
The Official Google browser. It is recently lauched and caused a turnmoil in the computer world. Still i have no Idea why google intended to launch the browser as it alreay helps Firefox or it amy be a part of Anti-Microsoft campaign. Whatever it may be but the browser’s really simple and lack a lot of features, waiting for its’ update. But still has a lot of great features like the direct search from address bar..and many more..

Yet anoter browser caliming to be the fastest. Nice layout..recently its Beta version 9.6 launched..

Yet another brower making news. It’s called the social browser and is mainly aimed at social sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Flickr etc. Its really pretty and is great for all those social networkers.

Konqueror is a web browser, file manager and file viewer designed as a core part of the K Desktop Environment. It is developed by volunteers and can run on most Unix-like operating systems. Konqueror, along with the rest of the components in the KDEBase package, is licensed and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Epiphany is a Web browser for the GNOME graphical computing desktop. It is also available for Mac OS X[1] and is a descendant of Galeon.

9.AOL Explorer
AOL Explorer, previously known as AOL Browser is a graphical web browser based on the Microsoft Trident layout engine and was released by AOL. In July 2005, AOL launched AOL Explorer as a free download and as an optional download with AIM version 5.9. AOL Explorer supports tabbed browsing.

K-Meleon is a web browser for the Microsoft Windows platform. Based on the same Gecko layout engine as Mozilla Firefox, K-Meleon uses native Windows API to create the user interface (instead of using Mozilla’s cross-platform XUL layer), and as a result, is tightly integrated into the look and feel of the Windows desktop;[1] this approach is similar to that of Galeon and Epiphany (for the GNOME desktop), and Camino (for Mac OS X). This also makes K-Meleon less resource-intensive and more responsive to user input.

11.Avant Browser
Avant Browser is a popular freeware web browser from a Chinese programmer named Anderson Che, which unites the Trident layout engine built into Windows (see Internet Explorer shell) with an interface intended to be more feature-rich, flexible and ergonomic than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE). It runs on Windows 98 and above, including Windows Vista. Internet Explorer version 6 or 7 must be installed.

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