Xperia – The next gen. phone from Sony Ericsson’ launch further delayed..s

The latest mobile from Sony Ericsson- Xperia’s launch further delayed in India. The delay has been further annoying, as the Iphone was lauched a few weeks ago.This looks like it is some sort of gimmick the company has cooked up to flash the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional handset at as many events as possible without making a proper statement as to when it will officially launch.

The last news we heard was that the handset was due to be out a while back. Nothing happened of course, and it was delayed till the latter half of the year.Rumors are all around that it may launch in November or may even be delayed to be launched next year 2009. The company might be prparing to deal with the new relases like the Iphone, N96…and might be working to mak their device competent and glitch free.

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