Microsoft’s new strategy to fight pirated Vista and XP

Microsoft revealed new strategies to fight pirated version of XP and Vista..
It replaces the background with a blackscreen and more..

Recently i installed Service pack 1 on my system..(vista)
An you know what, as it was not genuine..the system was doomed..
The system says that its not genuine..
So after every 60 Minutes the background screen goes all black.
No matter how many times you set up the wallpaper..
And also at the corner it shows a small watermark text..
which Microsoft calls a ‘persistent desktop notification.’

It is to make people to buy more of Vista systems as the sales weren’t as good as expected.
Fo me Vista has been so annoying..and i switched back to XP…and linux..
A good move for Microsoft…But i don’t believe that would make people buy authenticated copy..As if they wanted they would have already purchased that and wouldnt have gone with a pirated version.

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