Haknit- About us

Haknit is just an individual attempt to bring about the world a decent blog about stuff about Computer that people would love to know.
I try with my full effort in delivering and sharing all the knowledge i have gained so far about Internet, Computer, hacking and all stuff related to Computers..
I update it very frequently and let you know the stuff i learn each day.
Get on this ride with me and explore the world as i discover things which you thought never existed.

About Me
I am Shashank Agarwal. A engineering student doing computers.
I am based in India with dreams of working with the topmost software giants and owning a company based in the Silicon Valley.1

Here’s a few stuff about me-
well i am a lot of things at different time… sometime…
a scientist doing totally new stuff doing some weird experiments in my home lab..
a hacker- ya seriously i hacked a few things but still an amateur to this..
a writer writing blogs..
a painter too-come to my home to see a few.
a IQ genius-i know a lot of things just be with me and you will know.. musician -well i have played only harmonium that a few time but i love to listen to good music whether Indian or western..
flirt- i am a total flirt a few times that’s true…
leader- most of the time i find myself standing in the lead-i get that when i have to face trouble for being the leader..
prankster- i am always in a fun mood doing fun stuff all the way..i never get tired of being funny.
and many more roles…to so did u had any idea of what i am like..

About Haknit

Its just my passion about computers that led to create this blog. I wanted to show the world the awesome things you can do with your computer. My friend once said i am bored with my computer as i have nothing new to do except games and movies..
I thought is it all that you do with a PC see movies , listen songs..and play games..
Ya that too but computer is much more than just this..
I love to make my computer work as i want it to..
Tweaking..and speeding up things..
exploring what new tricks can do..new software..
And people started calling me Hacker…
Also there are a lot of misconceptions about Hacking a terms often used in place of Cracking.
Cracking is meant for commercial profit and other stuff.. but hacking is for your self-pleasure, to explore and do all sorts of new stuff…

I had previosly owned a blog called Hackiteasy but that went off too far in Hacking and was approaching towards the dark side so i no longer update it. But it is still there you can see that by yourself.

Contact me

On any confusion or any stuff you want to ask me you can mail me any time..
I am giving you my personal mail as i care a lot for all my fans and blog appreciators.
Contact me-
Shashank agrawal
Aligarh (UP)- 202001
Email- [email protected]

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