Great hacking oriented games

Here are yet more hacking games..

SwedenDigital Evolution [ Edit ] Site Reviews
…Unregulated knowledge is pornography….
Added: Aug 5, 2003 Last Update: Aug 5, 2003 Category: Wargames

United KingdomDusty’s Network Labs [ Edit ] Site Reviews(1)
…If your interested in wargames? Computer/Network Security, Programming why don’t you check us out? If your new to unix we provide free shells, and web hosting to get you started! Drop by onto our IRC server at: channel #social …
Added: Dec 31, 2005 Last Update: Dec 31, 2005 Category: Wargames Hits In: 2 Hits Out: 13131

KoreaHackerslab [ Edit ] Site Reviews(7)
…This site is a “free hacking zone” set up by a Korean police officer who wanted to give computer enthusiasts a safe place to practice their curiosity without getting themselves thrown in the slammer. 14 17 😉 levels for your exploration….
Added: Oct 12, 2001 Last Update: Oct 12, 2001 Category: Wargames Hits In: 3 Hits Out: 39819

United StatesIntrusionSec [ Edit ] Site Reviews(2)
…Rootwar games…
Added: Mar 23, 2005 Last Update: Mar 23, 2005 Category: Wargames Hits In: 5 Hits Out: 18274

United KingdomLearn Security Online [ Edit ] Site Reviews(0)
…Formerly – a website purely focused on hacking competitions is now back after a complete make-over as using simulators, security games, and challenge servers to teach computer security….
Added: Jun 2, 2003 Last Update: Jun 2, 2003 Category: Wargames Hits In: 1 Hits Out: 16011

AustraliaPull the plug [ Edit ] Site Reviews(1)
…Shell based wargames, from easy to very hard, networking wargames, remote exploits, shellcode database, live tutorials, vortex, semtex, blackhole,…
Added: Jun 23, 2005 Last Update: Jun 23, 2005 Category: Wargames Hits In: 3 Hits Out: 12190

United StatesRoot This Box [ Edit ] Site Reviews(1)
…Ready to test your hacking skills against real systems in the wild? Root This Box lets you join forces with other hackers and compete against other teams for control of machines we have set up for free range hacking. Users must attack and defend a variety of systems against other teams trying to do the same. The longer a box is held, the more points a team is awarded….
Added: Mar 27, 2005 Last Update: Mar 27, 2005 Category: Wargames Hits In: 3 Hits Out: 16181

United KingdomUplink [ Edit ] Site Reviews(5)
…This one is a bit different… this is a PC game with a hacking theme. There is a demo that you can download for free, but the full version requires you to purchase the software….
Added: Feb 8, 2002 Last Update: Feb 8, 2002 Category: Wargames Hits In: 3 Hits Out: 13301

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