Create Expandable blogger templates

With little bit of modifications to your Blogger Beta template you can easily implement expandable post summaries in your blog main page. Expandable posts gives very professional and elegant look to your blog. You can hide most of the detailed content from main page and display them when the page of the post is opened.

If you observer my blog, voting widgets are displayed on my post links and not in my main page. Also, most of the images in my posts are shown only in the actual post links only. Moving bandwidth intensive content to posts’ pages loads your main page very fast.

With this trick, you can choose to display an arbitrary amount of text from the beginning of each post, as a teaser for the whole thing. Then users who want to read the rest of the post can click a link to see the full text. This is handy if you have lots of long articles all on one page. Note that you’ll need to have post pages enabled in order to make this feature work.

There are three ingredients that go into this feature: conditional CSS, a “read more” link for each post, and a modification for the posts that use this feature. So let’s go through it step by step.

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