Contest…Great prizes…to be won…

So here i start a new contest…..
Due to lack of Time i couldn’t create a new template for my new blog..
All you have to do is search the net and find me a perfect Blogger Template you like……
And you could win An exclusive DVD full of software recommended by me…And used by me
The grand winner receives an exclusively Awesome Surprise from ME..
Something that would be revealed later on..
Delivered at your home…
Top 5 will get this Free DVD…
So here is wat u have to do…

Give a new Layout to me…
->Go to any Search Engine
->Search for Free Blogger templates…
->Copy the template Location and its Image and post it as a comment on my blog…
->Also post your name and email address along with the link..

Layout Image-
Download from here-

Terms Of Regulations…
->The blogger template has to be free to use.
->Please don’t use Copyrighted content.
->3 Column Templates preferred.
->I love the concept of Open Source and hence always uses free content.
->Hard work and Intensive Research would be preferred.
->I’ll know how much you have worked and researched so don’t try fooling me around.
->In case of 2 same Layouts giving same layouts the first entry would be made valid,and second one would be rejected.
->I solely have the right to reject any one’s post or comment without any prior reason.

Go to our new site-

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  1. Layout Image:

    Download and more info:

    ~Brice Helman
    [email protected]

  2. Radzzi

    Download from here,

    I got it from here;

    [email protected]

  3. Layout image:

    Download from here:

    [email protected]

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