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Hackiteasy is just an attempt to reveal the amazing world of hacking. It is the hacking blog for the common man. Simple tricks and hacks that even a novice can understand.

I try with my full effort to deliver and share all the knowledge i have gained so far about Internet, Computer, hacking and all stuff related to them.
I update the as frequently as i can and let you know the stuff i learn each day.
Get on this ride with me and explore the world as i discover things which you thought never existed.

About Me
I am Shashank Agarwal, i am a tech blogger. hacker and an engineering student.
I live in India with dreams of working with the topmost software giants and owning a company based in the Silicon Valley.
I love playing with my computer (not gaming) and tried to do amazing things with it, and this made me a hacker. I love exploring new stuff frequenly trying them on my PC. When i got my PC i actually formatted the whole and reinstalled all software and also hardware the second day just to know if i can do it or not, and i actually did it.
I have been in serious trouble while doing a lot of hacks, like i crashed my Harddisk when i was trying to hack it.
But i don’t do cracking and don’t others account illegally and also don’t tell people how to do that. Ya may do that for fun, but not to earn money.

About Hack It Easy
The blog was previously called http://hackiteasy.blogspot.com until i recently bought a domain and now it id http://www.hcakiteasy.com
Hack it easy has been banned of google ads as it is about hacking and that do not comply with google’s policy. This made me almost abandon my blog, but my love for hacking made me to come back to it. We are in top one million blogs of the world and i hope we will reach to top 500,000 by next month. We have a PageRank of 1 and i know it too will increase soon.

Contact me

On any confusion or any stuff you want to ask me you can mail me any time..
I am giving you my personal mail as i care a lot for all my fans and blog appreciators.
Contact me-
Shashank agrawal
Aligarh (UP)- 202001
Email- [email protected]

Go to our new site- shankee.com

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