X2 blue & Blue ray are d software to hack someones bluetooth

X2 blue & Blue ray are d software to hack someones bluetooth cell phone 4 free calling purpose.X2(complicated to use) blue is available at 4 free

Check ur cell phones bluetooth device no.Use this code in standby mode. Code is *#2820#.Its used to find invisible bluetooth device.

free bsnl broadband:

Want BSNL broadband connection(Netone) 4 free?Than just follow d steps as per d next smses.(Note:Data limitation 2GB/Month,otherwise u’ll b charged)

1st:reg ur landline no in http://netoneamr.bsnl.Co.In. Where instead of amr put ur city name.Reg is free.No security deposite.

n a registration put username as:netone.Select pass also as:netone>Now connect ur line with modem or pc>Open http://ninjaproxy.Com

U’ll b charged as per d rules.But now suddenly remove line from pc.Than create new registration.With the same procedure b4.

Now u’ll b noticed dat username & pass r taken.Now connect again & open again disconnect suddenly.Wait upto10 hrs

After 10 hrs open u will not b charged up to 2 GB of surfing data.Note:username & pass must b netone.

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