increase ur DVD rip speed

increase ur DVD speed….
u all wud have got a cd with ur dvd/cd drive…
i recommend u using the firmware upgrade…from that cd…

it sure helps……….
but being a hacker i want to do it even more…….
so just go to here

download it from here

1) Download the firmware you want to modify.
2) Start MCSE.
3) Load the firmware file by clicking the load button.
4) To increase the read speed, simply click the increase read speed checkbox. A greyed out checkbox means this feature is not available for your firmware.
5) To increase the write speed, double click the media code you want to change and select the write strategy you want to use instead. This is a bit of trial and error.
6) To teach the firmware a new media code name, select an unused media code of the same media type from the list, e.g. a -R media name if your new disk is a -R media, and rename it by modifying the Media Name/Ext/Rev fields on the right.
Instead of manually renaming, you can also import the media name by clicking the import button and following the displayed instructions.
Click the set button when done. The original media code will not be supported by the firmware anymore.
7) With some firmwares you can directly modify the write speeds using the write speed checkboxes and clicking the Set Speed button. Greyed out checkboxes mean this feature is not available.
8) Save the firmware.
9) Flash the modified firmware as usual.
10) Reboot.

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