earn from your blog..

Here are the new services i try myself….they pay me double the old ones…

  • 5bux
  • Just click ads and you get paid for each ad you click.

  • CashFiesta
  • You get paid for displaying a small bar at you screen, leave it as it is and continue to do your work

  • Yuwie
  • Great site It pays you for making blog.. and posting posts, Its like Orkut or MySpace but it pays you for all you do on it.Go make a blog here and get paid.

hi i just figured a few ways to easy earn from the internet…
its a good thing if u have a lot of time.. and have low cost net…
well the lost of sites i selected are as follows…


i spotted out that bux.to pays the highest…
but do check them all..
all u gotta do is just sign up for an account…
and click on ads..(surf ads)
and u get paid 1 cent for each ad…
also u may go to some offer and get paid even more…
u cud earn a few dollars in few days..
do sign up in more than one….

Go to our new site- shankee.com

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  1. I have gone through your site but how to get them in indian currency .
    I do not have any bank account.
    They pay in dollars (bux.to)
    Please tell me the proper way to earn money through it.
    How to get paid here in LUCKNOW INDIA reply soon ….

  2. arre yaar no worries…
    me too an indian
    but to get paid you need to get an indian account…
    you very well can get paid in dollars..every bank in india offers that facility..
    And nowadays bank-account are soo cheap…
    Just make a paypal account and link it to your bank-account…..
    Also i prefer using 5bux intead of bux.to
    here is the link to 5bux…
    see this page..
    and scroll down for latest services i try myself…

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