NetTools 5 – Ultimate Hacking Tools..over 175 in one pack

Do u want to be a hacker…
then u certainly need tools…
here is the ultimate collection of hacking tools…..
i just love that..
thats for free and has got over 175 tools……….
i am still configuring ways to use them…
This is just awesome……..
And on all thats freeeeeeeeee
So just Download it here..

Get it as soon as possible…….
for any problems or suggestions on configuring it……..
just reply to me or comment on my posts…….

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  1. Radzzi

    I’ve already downloaded Net Tools 5. But I don’t know how to use it! I just knew a few.
    Can you teach me some?
    I’m really interested in hacking… 🙂
    Just post something on your blog.
    I’m a big fan of your blog, I visit your page everyday…

  2. hii
    thanks for showing the great compassion..
    we really value all our readers…
    NetTools is something…
    I have used over these years…
    And still i find it fascinaating…
    Lest start with discovering yourself..
    Try to use all the Nettools -Internet tools first..
    Learn a bit about IP..and ports…
    Soon u’ll be hearing about a few tutorials about Nettools…
    Well u could check how i hacked a few BSNL Broadband IDS using various Nettools Features…
    Do write if you have any problems..

  3. Hi, shashank i have found your blog recently on google while i'm searching for hacking tools the nettools 5 ultimate hacking tools that you have posted is a dead link and shownig 404 error and i think you can post a new link this is kRishna tEj my mail id [email protected]

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