Get IP address from mail ID

June 14, 2009 Shashank Agarwal Blog 0 minutes, 47 seconds Edit This Article

Hello Freinds, I am back with some more cool tricks this time that can save you from various security threats.

Now i am gonna just tell you, how easy it is to find the IP address of the person who has sent a mail in Yahoo.

(The information is meant only for security use and any misuse can be liable to punishment)

* Login to your account and Open the mail.

* On the right-top corner, click Options ==> Select “Standard Headers”.

* There you are with all the ip addresses of the person who sent you the mail.

Check the ip address aside to the from:

But the mail sometimes may not come directly from his/her pc. Inorder to deviate the user the mail is passed through many gateways and then finally sent. And to trace out the IP address in such a case find the last “From :” and check the IP there.

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