BSNL broadband hack..

May 27, 2008 Shashank Agarwal Blog 1 minute, 53 seconds Edit This Article

This is a simple trick to hack bsnl broadband accounts…… no need to worry because it does not have any danger……..

* know your ip address:- from this site:-
*copy the ip adress
*Use Nettools for IP scan… get Nettool download link from my blog.. search my blog for it..
*Go to nettools > Start> Exterior Tools > Internet Prorocol Scanner
*Select the options tab in the IP scanner window…and select ports..
*type 80 in the port..
*click on paste clipboarb button..
*click on class c button
*Now click om IP scan
*the scanner will scan for ip range u specified.. adn will search..
* the scanned ip will have a dot in front of them. that may be blue, green or red
*search for a green IP and click it .. and press Ctrl+1 on ur keyboard…
*The Ip address’s page wud open up in the web browser..
*Now it will ask for a username and password.. Type “admin” in both the fields…
*Press Ok. if it works it will show u the login page.. if it doesnt work then close that page nad try for new IP to be hacked…
*Now searc for IP and password on the page. Click on WAN. on the page..
*It will show the username and the password in coded form (eg. *****)
*now to decode the password use nettools…
*go to Nettools>start>Network Tools> Internet Explorer Password Revealer…
*and in the window that appears click Show button…
*it works only for internet explorer..
*Now u have the ID and the password.. so just use them and enjoy.. do regularly check for Ur account usage on the BSNL portal..
coz wen i started hakcing i used this and got a Rs.3000 bill.. for some reason only few Ids work while still charge ur net usage………
I still dont know that works or not. as the BSNL exchange shows the bill by meter reading and has no effect of ID or pass..
so wastevr the ID may be ur line wud be charged…….

This is only for Educational purpose and has no intention to harm any org. or person…

Do leave your comments…….

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