Blogs/sites i love to read..recomended for you as well

October 27, 2008 Shashank Agarwal Blog 1 minute, 17 seconds Edit This Article

You must have always wondered that you read my blog, but what would be the sites that i frequently check and love to read.. So here is the list of all the blogs and sites i routinely check and see.. for some kewl stuff..
Check the complete list..

Its made by an Indian blogger, nice blog just love to read it. But most of the content of no use to me.

One of the leading tech blogs in India. Its from Network 18. Also has a show of whose this site belongs to.

Its also the blog of a tech Tv show..
nice one.

The leading site when it comes to gadgets. It frequently posts a lot.

The greatest competitor to Engadget, they too are one of the best when comes to all latest tech.

Me a hardcore Discovery Fan, loves all of its shows. The site is well maintaned and is quite useful when comes to good info.

Great site, i just love them for encouraging user participation. The whole site is nicely made.


I don’t know that why am i still hooked on to Orkut. Even when it has the most no. of loopholes when compared to any other social networking site. But still Orkut’s gr8.

How can i forget this, the best blogger software from google…

I check that for all latest tech and hacking..

I dislike the small post concept but still new to it.

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